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Social Campaign and Brand development.
‘Love Your Forests’ is an unique campaign – asking business, NGOs and everyday people to come together to ensure our forests survive.

We collaborated with WWF to develop their first consumer facing campaign to promote greater awareness of the FSC eco-lable.

Launched at the Melbourne Museum in March 2011.

‘Love Your Forests’ is a WWF campaign in association with the FSC. It is unique in asking businesses and consumers to come together to ensure our forests survive.

To celebrate the UN International Year of Forests, WWF wanted to create a campaign to further support its GFTN (Global Forest & Trade Network) participants, in recognition of their leadership on sustainable, environmental best practice; and to increase awareness of the FSC logo as an eco-label.

The ‘Love Your Forests’ slogan was a natural fit to inspire a positive and proactive response. The campaign is intended to stand on its own as a catchment brand to educate, engage and empower general consumers on the reality of our forests.

As the Campaign required a co-branding solution weneeded to ensure the integrity and value of the WWF brand as a credible environmental advisor, whilst meeting the FSC style guide requirements.

The call to action, helps consumers easily engage the issues based on any or no knowledge of forestry best practice.

You will see the Campaign roll-out in Supermarkets on selected consumer products, the WWF website and online through partner websites .

Launched in Sydney and in Melbourne at the Melbourne Museum in March 2011.

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