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UP&UP Creative are Yarra Project Zero Ambassadors


Yarra Project Zero Launch

Late November last year the UP&UP Creative team attended the launch of Yarra Project Zero a project which invites everyone who “lives, works, studies or volunteers in the City of Yarra to seize power through the Yarra Project Zero to achieve zero carbon living, learning and earning by 2020.”

As a business in Yarra, as well a zero carbon company ourself, it was a project we were immediately drawn to. Although we have already achieved carbon zero, we wanted to share our story in the hopes that we would inspire others to try and do the same, if not at least spark some interesting conversation. We are always looking for other ways we can be more conscientious with the way we conduct business and reduce our impact, so being part of this community has potential help others to do good business.

Yarra Project Zero is an initiative by Yarra Energy Foundation, Kunexion and Yarra City Council.

We are a sustainable business

UP&UP Creative have achieved carbon zero through our sustainable business commitments, minimising actions and offsetting with biodiverse plantings (we offset with Greenfleet).

Sustainable Brand innovators

Our core business is to assist businesses to establish, improve and implement sustainable values-based thinking into their business foundations, strategy and communications to develop their social mission as a competitive advantage. We believe business can be a positive driver for profit and social change. We look forward to sharing our journey insights, tips and our latest thinking.

Head to our Yarra Project Zero Ambassador page which will act as a discussion blog for UP&UP Creative. Our first post is up where we highlight the ways in which we reduce our impact (ranging from practicing eco-graphic design to using reusable coffee cups).

We look forward to watching this project unfold! Stay tuned…

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