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VicDeaf End of Year Appeal Letter

This project saw us redesigning the Vicdeaf’s End of Year Appeal Letter to be more engaging and visually tie back in with the annual report that we designed for them earlier in 2012. This was a new approach for Vicdeaf from their previous years’ appeal letter’s.

The design is attention grabbing through the use of pull quotes, bright colours, and utilising the design pattern that was such an integral part of the Annual Report. This graphic links back to the idea of community and how we are all connected, which seemed very fitting theme for this appeal letter.

The feedback we have received from Vicdeaf has been very positive, with the letter exceeding expectations as it has already raised close to $10,000 as of the middle of January 2013. We look forward to tracking the progress of this letter, and working closely with Vicdeaf in 2013.

“UP&UP planned and executed the letter design flawlessly. It was clear from the start what the expectations were from both sides. UP&UP were able to meet to meet deadlines easily and also were quick to respond to my queries. The letter was received very positively by our staff and the community, and our fundraising consultant said it was the best appeal letter he had seen come out of Vicdeaf in a long time. The letter was sent to just over 900 people, and so far we have raised close to $10,000! I am incredibly happy with the service the UP&UP provided.”
Alexandra Downie – Marketing Team. VicDeaf

To donate to VicDeaf go to: www.vicdeaf.com.au