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24 page brochure, double sided A4 handout and promotional postcard.

Let’s talk is an educational resource for teachers working with Deaf parents and their children. Primarily an online downloadable resource, the project has also consisted of a double sided A4 handout and promotional postcard.

The overall look and feel of the resource is bright, friendly and approachable. The logo design reflects that this guide is all about communication. Diagrams have also been incorporated throughout the document to aid in visually communicating the messages.

The need for the tool was identified in research by Vicdeaf through consulting with their clients. This resulted in feedback that teachers were unsure of how to communicate with Deaf parents. Because of this, teachers by default would communicate directly to the child which created problems in the home and miscommunication regarding care for the child.

Launched in November 2012. The Let’s talk resource will be distributed to all schools to aid teachers in better communication with Deaf parents.

More at: www.vicdeaf.com.au