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Vicdeaf 128th Annual Report 2012

We are pleased to partner Vicdeaf for a second year on their 128th Annual report.

2012 was a significant report with the changeover of CEO’s and the advancement of technology creating further opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

We approached the Annual report as a tool to communicate the Strategic agenda, and highlight the significant facts and numbers of people service within the year – which should be celebrated.

The concept was a ‘bold’ new approach for the 128 year old organisation. Through the strategic consulting process we ended up with a series of questions that formed the creative brief:

Our questions:

How do our ( Vic Deaf’s ) services strengthen our communities success?
How do our services assist the deaf and hard of hearing participate in everyday life?

Our answer:

Vicdeaf provides services through a network of specialised services, customised to each individual by dedicated and passionate people. At Vicdeaf changing people’s lives- helping them achieve even small wins, inspire our staff and empower our community to succeed. Our people and community ask why? or why not? to support the community and strengthen the communities voice.

Vicdeaf’s network of services and people are their strength alongside a history of advocating and delivering.

The creative concept highlighted the successes throughout the year and showing a linking network patterns that links where needed. This was a fresh and progressive move for Vicdeaf and has been welcomed and looks to become the basis for the Organisations evolving visual Identity.

With our sustainable values-based process, we looked add further benefits to achieve through the report:


What are the project’s economic benefits?
> Services more valued.


What are the project’s environmental benefits?
> Members have a say in how to shape the Vic Deaf’s services.


What are the project’s environmental benefits?
> Report produced to minimise environmental impact.


What are the project’s cultural benefits?
> More engagement and interaction with members.
> Empowering community members to ask for advocacy and ask questions to be more included and suggest services to help achieve their life goals.

The report is signed in Auslan and videoed and downloadable from their website here.

The report has been well received by the new CEO, the staff and downloaded by the Community.

More at: http://www.vicdeaf.com.au