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In 2005 UP&UP was approached to collate all the Green Office material used by TOYOTA head office into an engaging and easily accessible format for employees.

UP&UP’s eco-based design and depth of thinking approach aimed at minimising paper usage by suggesting a business card sized, square CD ROM placed into a plastic sleeve with lanyard. This ensured maximum usage of the CD as it fit into the employees existing lanyard sleeve. Included was a 50-page interactive PDF featuring material encouraging environmental awareness as part of TOYOTA’s Environmental Policy Unit’s Green Office program.

The outcome was positive with staff members wearing the lanyard with pride and wanting to be a part of the statewide Green Office program. TOYOTA, a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Index, won the 2005 Corporate Environmental Award.






AWARD :: TOYOTA, a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Index, won the 2005 Corporate Environmental Award.

Sustainable Values

Social Value


The outcome was positive with staff members wearing the lanyard with pride and wanting to be a part of the statewide Green Office program.

Cultural Value


Campaign was rolled out in every division of Toyota nationally.

Environmental Value


Minimising paper usage by suggesting an interactive PDF instead of a 50 page booklet.