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Polyglot Theatre A3 Workshop Poster / 2013 Marketing Direction

This project saw us further developing the look and feel of Polyglot for their 2013 marketing direction. Their existing branding had a very tactile and handmade appeal through the use of ripped cardboard and the drawn journey line. Moving forward Polyglot wanted to update their look to be more bright and colourful, utilising white space, but still staying true to their current branding.

The first piece of collateral to follow this new direction was the Polyglot School Workshop promotional brochure. The folded size of the brochure is A5, but unfolds to an A3 poster. The process of unfolding the brochure was an interesting way to present the information and ties back in with the hands on and tactile nature of all polyglot projects.

‘Children are the heart of our art’ is a line that line really resonates with what Polyglot all about, and this tagline will be a feature throughout all the 2013 marketing collateral. This message plays a key role on the poster side of the design.

The swirl used within the Polyglot logo was pulled out and used throughout the design as a framing device for both photographs and quotes, but also as a way to introduce colour. The heading font was tweaked to be more of a feature. We also expanded the Polyglot colour palette from pink and black, to include the other primary printing colours of yellow and blue allowing for interesting colour combinations.

We are very happy with the new direction that the brand is taking. It was a pleasure to work on this project and we look forward to further evolving the brand with the Polyglot team through-out future projects.

More at: www.polyglot.org.au