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Identity & Website Holding Page

Policy Pilots is an education resource that focuses on public policy to empower and educate students on how they can directly participate in policy making in both their schools and communities.

UP&UP Creative was approached to create the branding and logo design for this educational resource. The brand needed to appeal not only to the schools and teachers who would be facilitating the program, but also the students themselves to encourage participation and brand ambassadors. The brand needed to be youthful, approachable but also educational.

The developed brand and logo is striking in both the shape colour palette and was designed keeping in mind that the logo will be used across a range of printed and digital material. The final design also takes into consideration how the logo would be used as a badge.

A holding page was also developed to act as a catchment tool for interested parties. The look and feel of this was based on a flight schedule board, and this visual communication device is both effective in communicating the necessary information as well as having a bit of fun with the aviation theme.

More at: policypilots.com.au