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Branding, Communications strategy Sustainability guide with tabs & Pullup Banners.

Online: Rebrand of website, collaborative forum design update and Ning integration.

CEEchange is  a collaborative partnership of  6 NSW Councils funded by the NSW Environment Trust to explore embedding sustainability into councils operations through engagement and education.

UP&UP Creative was approached by CEEchange to package up and rebrand the learnings from the pilot to help other councils learn and use the framework to incorporate Sustainability into their councils organisational structure.

Our work together resulted in renaming the program as  ’Collaborating for Sustainability’ guide and workshops.

The concept direction looked to embrace diversity, be motivational and create the information hierarchy to make it a practical easy to use guide. The design process resulted in a bright visual identity that was friendly and approachable to effectively allow Collaborating for Sustainability to act as an educational tool.

The project outcomes include a 48 page guide complete with tabs, pull up banner designs as well as branding for the Sustainable Councils Network website, a place for council members to ‘connect and collaborate for sustainability’.

Collaborate for Sustainability ran four educational workshops across New South Wales to launch the guide and website, to share the learnings in the aim of  inspiring more councils to start their sustainable integration journey.

Collaborate for Sustainability was recently presented in Melbourne at a Councils Conference.

Get involved in the action @ www.sustainablecouncilsnetwork.org.au