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UP&UP Creative are Yarra Project Zero Ambassadors


Yarra Project Zero Launch

Late November last year the UP&UP Creative team attended the launch of Yarra Project Zero a project which invites everyone who “lives, works, studies or volunteers in the City of Yarra to seize power through the Yarra Project Zero to achieve zero carbon living, learning and earning by 2020.”

As a business in Yarra, as well a zero carbon company ourself, it was a project we were immediately drawn to. Although we have already achieved carbon zero, we wanted to share our story in the hopes that we would inspire others to try and do the same, if not at least spark some interesting conversation. We are always looking for other ways we can be more conscientious with the way we conduct business and reduce our impact, so being part of this community has potential help others to do good business.

Yarra Project Zero is an initiative by Yarra Energy Foundation, Kunexion and Yarra City Council.

We are a sustainable business

UP&UP Creative have achieved carbon zero through our sustainable business commitments, minimising actions and offsetting with biodiverse plantings (we offset with Greenfleet).

Sustainable Brand innovators

Our core business is to assist businesses to establish, improve and implement sustainable values-based thinking into their business foundations, strategy and communications to develop their social mission as a competitive advantage. We believe business can be a positive driver for profit and social change. We look forward to sharing our journey insights, tips and our latest thinking.

Head to our Yarra Project Zero Ambassador page which will act as a discussion blog for UP&UP Creative. Our first post is up where we highlight the ways in which we reduce our impact (ranging from practicing eco-graphic design to using reusable coffee cups).

We look forward to watching this project unfold! Stay tuned…

Poylglot Theatre Postcard

Although it has only been a week back we have already hit the ground running at UP&UP Creative working on a range of client projects.

We are pleased to newly partner with Polyglot Theatre to develop their 2013 marketing material. This week we also have received copies of the Polyglot Promotional Postcard we designed for launch this year! (pictured above).

The postcard followed on from successfully producing Polyglot’s 2012 Annual Report.

The Postcard is the start of further developing the look and feel of Polyglot which is fun, creative and shows the children centric nature of their dynamic work (perfect project really!). The creative process resulted in a promotional postcard that utilises the tactile ripped cardboard, that is a feature of their current branding, in an interesting layout to showcase their projects.

We look further to evolving the brand and we are currently finishing the 2013 Schools Workshop brochure and poster.

We are really pleased with the outcome and working with the Polyglot team. Stay tuned!

Find out more about Polyglot Theatres 2013 programs @ www.polyglot.org.au

Welcome Back!


Hello everyone, just wanted to take this opportunity to announce that we are back in the office, ready to kick off 2013 after a refreshing Christmas and New years break. Hope you all had a relaxing break and survived through the heat!

We are excited about some upcoming projects and looking forward to working with you in what is set to be a fantastic year. So stay tuned!

Monique & the UP&UP Creative team

A Holiday Message

Everyone here at UP&UP Creative would like to wish you a
safe & happy break this holiday season.

Thank you for all your support in 2012,
we look forward to working with you in the new year.

UP&UP has revamped our office!

For those of you who are not on our mailing list, be sure to sign up by the way, we have recently revamped our office here at Gertrude street. Having been in the building for 10 years now (how time flies), and having just introduced a new member to the team, we wanted to create more of a collaborative space which was open and inviting. The result has been a resounding success!

Some of our new features include:
  • A lot more greenery, with the inclusion of more plants in the office. We also now have the makings of a green wall on our window bars.
  • Knights of the round table; a round conference table has created a nice little communal spot for discussions, meetings and just all around general catch ups.

We always love visitors so why not drop on by and check out the new space, if not to see our beautiful faces than to have one of Sonido’s fantastic coffees!

As the holiday season rolls around we also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know our holiday closing times. We will be wrapping up here for the year on Friday the 21st of December, and will open up again on Monday the 7th of January. So if you have any last minute December or January jobs be sure to give us a call as we are booking them in. Let’s Talk!

The Loop, Edition 2


The latest edition of ‘The Loop’ is now available for your viewing pleasure, you can check it out here.

Edition two has some happy snaps from our recent office revamp, as well as feature the following projects: The new Vicdeaf Annual Report, Policy Pilots Logo Design and a look back at Everyone Wins, a social marketing campaign and identity development we completed for VicHealth.

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The Loop, Edition 1


We have revamped our UP&UP newsletter, now titled ‘The Loop’, a place to keep you in the UP&UP Creative loop with our latest and greatest projects. Not to mention general news about UP&UP and the gang.

Edition one features two recent projects we have completed, The Collaborating for Sustainability Guide for CEEchange & The Royal Flying Doctor Services (Victoria) printed collateral which includes their Newsletter. This edition also reviews a fantastic project we worked on for WWF, the Love Your Forests Campaign branding. You can check out the first edition of ‘The Loop’ here.

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USV: Identity Design Talent Audition

We have just submitted our Sustainable Events project to the USV: Identity Design Talent Audition currently being held on Behance.

This project included Brand architecture, Website architecture, Logo development & Event promotional materials. It is a project we are very proud of and would very much love it if you could help us out by heading to the Behance page and hitting the “Appreciate This” button at the bottom of the project.

Click here to head to the project page.


Welcome one, welcome all to the new UP&UP Creative’s Broadcast, a place where we will publish everything UP&UP… ranging from projects, organisations we support and just general inspiration. You can still view the previous UP&UP blog here.

To make it this far you will notice that the UP&UP website has had a bit of a facelift. It is still a work in progress but we hope you enjoy the new look as well as the inclusion of some of our fantastic recent projects which we have added to the portfolio section of this website “Our Work”.

To kick off the new look and new blog, we want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new campaign, Working Better Together.

The concept stems from the idea that to get the best solution, you need to utilise basic elements to achieve the best result. This has been visually represented in two ways, through using basic shapes (circle, square and Triangle), as well as with the colour scheme (CMYK). To date a promotional postcard and website holding page have been developed.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new website as well as the Working Better Together campaign.





Social Campaign and Brand development.
‘Love Your Forests’ is an unique campaign – asking business, NGOs and everyday people to come together to ensure our forests survive.

We collaborated with WWF to develop their first consumer facing campaign to promote greater awareness of the FSC eco-lable.

Launched at the Melbourne Museum in March 2011.

‘Love Your Forests’ is a WWF campaign in association with the FSC. It is unique in asking businesses and consumers to come together to ensure our forests survive.

To celebrate the UN International Year of Forests, WWF wanted to create a campaign to further support its GFTN (Global Forest & Trade Network) participants, in recognition of their leadership on sustainable, environmental best practice; and to increase awareness of the FSC logo as an eco-label.

The ‘Love Your Forests’ slogan was a natural fit to inspire a positive and proactive response. The campaign is intended to stand on its own as a catchment brand to educate, engage and empower general consumers on the reality of our forests.

As the Campaign required a co-branding solution weneeded to ensure the integrity and value of the WWF brand as a credible environmental advisor, whilst meeting the FSC style guide requirements.

The call to action, helps consumers easily engage the issues based on any or no knowledge of forestry best practice.

You will see the Campaign roll-out in Supermarkets on selected consumer products, the WWF website and online through partner websites .

Launched in Sydney and in Melbourne at the Melbourne Museum in March 2011.