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The Loop, Edition 3


The first edition of ‘The Loop’ for 2013 is available for your viewing pleasure here.

This edition features the following projects: The Vicdeaf Let’s Talk Education Kit, The 2011 Polyglot Annual Report as well as a look back at Act4Nature, a 12 month community engagement campaign by the Department Sustainability & Environment.

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Global Shifts 2012: Social Enterprise Conference Review


In November 2012, I was lucky enough to attend the Global Shifts Conference @ RMIT produced by the The Social Enterprise Group. This was set up specifically for business development, research and educational initiatives designed to foster solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems.

The Conference was a converge of a sharing of ideas, inspiration and models of success in the social enterprise space. The energy was high and fast paced, joining impact investors, Not-for-profits, for profits with Entrepreneurs and change makers.

What united everyone was a specific focus of building shared value business models that created real social impact through highly profitable business. At UP&UP Creative we call this values-based business. It was a general theme across the conference that the values of a business and keeping focused on the social impact mission were the key and immovable traits of a social enterprise – irrespective of being a for-profit or Not-for-profit legal structure. The business model is being less defined to class the business as ‘good’ ( Not-For-Profit ) or ‘evil’ ( For Profit ) business. Rather the values, mission and social impact the organisation achieves and stands for is the main success factor to class a for-benifit business.

The calibre of speakers were world class including such speakers as Pamala Hartingan, Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University’s ‘Said’ Business School. Pamela said ‘Social entrepreneurs do not want to build a school or a hospital, they want to change the whole education and health system for the better’. That sums it up.

We love big thinkers, optimists, business thinkers, change markers and visionaries, and they were definitely all there at the Global Shifts Conference.

More at: www.rmit.edu.au/globalshifts

Monique McNamara – Director/Strategist UP&UP Creative

UP&UP Creative are Yarra Project Zero Ambassadors


Yarra Project Zero Launch

Late November last year the UP&UP Creative team attended the launch of Yarra Project Zero a project which invites everyone who “lives, works, studies or volunteers in the City of Yarra to seize power through the Yarra Project Zero to achieve zero carbon living, learning and earning by 2020.”

As a business in Yarra, as well a zero carbon company ourself, it was a project we were immediately drawn to. Although we have already achieved carbon zero, we wanted to share our story in the hopes that we would inspire others to try and do the same, if not at least spark some interesting conversation. We are always looking for other ways we can be more conscientious with the way we conduct business and reduce our impact, so being part of this community has potential help others to do good business.

Yarra Project Zero is an initiative by Yarra Energy Foundation, Kunexion and Yarra City Council.

We are a sustainable business

UP&UP Creative have achieved carbon zero through our sustainable business commitments, minimising actions and offsetting with biodiverse plantings (we offset with Greenfleet).

Sustainable Brand innovators

Our core business is to assist businesses to establish, improve and implement sustainable values-based thinking into their business foundations, strategy and communications to develop their social mission as a competitive advantage. We believe business can be a positive driver for profit and social change. We look forward to sharing our journey insights, tips and our latest thinking.

Head to our Yarra Project Zero Ambassador page which will act as a discussion blog for UP&UP Creative. Our first post is up where we highlight the ways in which we reduce our impact (ranging from practicing eco-graphic design to using reusable coffee cups).

We look forward to watching this project unfold! Stay tuned…

Poylglot Theatre Postcard

Although it has only been a week back we have already hit the ground running at UP&UP Creative working on a range of client projects.

We are pleased to newly partner with Polyglot Theatre to develop their 2013 marketing material. This week we also have received copies of the Polyglot Promotional Postcard we designed for launch this year! (pictured above).

The postcard followed on from successfully producing Polyglot’s 2012 Annual Report.

The Postcard is the start of further developing the look and feel of Polyglot which is fun, creative and shows the children centric nature of their dynamic work (perfect project really!). The creative process resulted in a promotional postcard that utilises the tactile ripped cardboard, that is a feature of their current branding, in an interesting layout to showcase their projects.

We look further to evolving the brand and we are currently finishing the 2013 Schools Workshop brochure and poster.

We are really pleased with the outcome and working with the Polyglot team. Stay tuned!

Find out more about Polyglot Theatres 2013 programs @ www.polyglot.org.au

Welcome Back!


Hello everyone, just wanted to take this opportunity to announce that we are back in the office, ready to kick off 2013 after a refreshing Christmas and New years break. Hope you all had a relaxing break and survived through the heat!

We are excited about some upcoming projects and looking forward to working with you in what is set to be a fantastic year. So stay tuned!

Monique & the UP&UP Creative team